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Magnetic Based Drills, Cutters and Accessories – Holemaker®

ITM proudly distribute Australia’s number 1 selling range of magnetic base drills. With over 20  models to choose from, you are bound to find a magnetic based drill to suit all needs and budgets. Choose from our Holemaker PRO35 with a 35mm diameter x 52mm depth of cut up to our large #4 Morse Taper 4 speed Holemaker PRO110 with the capacity of 110mm diameter x 110mm depth of cut.

We also stock a range of pneumatic powered magnetic drilling machines.

We stock Australia’s large range of metric and imperial annular cutters (broach cutter), from 12mm – 150mm diameter and 7/16″ – 2-1/2″ diameter, with depths of cut up to 150mm.

Our range of Holemaker High-Speed Steel, Cobalt, TIN Coated, TICN coated and tungsten carbide tipped annular cutters cater for all kinds of applications and materials. They are also suitable for use in all Holemaker magnetic base drilling machines, as well as other magnetic base drilling machine manufacturers such as Rotabroach, Nitto and Slugger.

We have over 750 different sizes and types of cutters in stock!

We also have a wide range of accessories available for drills and cutters, including:

  • Annular cutter sharpening machines
  • Annular cutter extension arbors
  • Countersinks
  • Morse taper arbors
  • Drill chucks
  • Tapping heads
  • Pipe attachments
  • Cutting fluids
  • Vacuum pads



Cutting Tools – Holemaker®

We have an extensive range of premium quality cutting tools.

TCT Holesaws – We carry all 250 sizes as standard stock lines of TCT Holesaws. Our MCJ “Cordless” range of TCT holesaws is ideally suited to cordless drills, which achieve several times more holes per battery charge.

The short series of TCT holesaws has a 4.5mm depth of cut which starts at 14mm and goes to 65mm in 1mm increments, and from 70mm to 150mm in 5mm increments. The long series range with a 25mm depth of cut starts at 14mm and goes to 65mm in 1mm increments, and from 70mm to 120mm in 5mm increments.

Bi-Metal Holesaws – These premium quality bi-metal M42 cobalt high-speed steel holesaws are suitable for drilling a wide range of materials including steel, aluminium, brass, cast iron, plastics & wood. The M42 8% Cobalt high-speed steel teeth offer optimal cutting life & performance. Variable pitch 4/6 teeth per inch for reduced vibration delivering increased life, performance & accuracy.

We stock a complete range of Bi-Metal holesaws from 14mm to 152mm in diameter, plus arbors, drills, extensions and adaptors. We also offer a complete range of sets for general engineering, electricians and plumbers.

Drill Bits – Holemaker jobber drill bits are premium heavy duty drills in the manufacturing industry. The range includes both bulk and individual sizes from 1.0mm to 32.0mm metric, and 1/16” to 1/2” imperial.

Step Drills – A complete range of proven high-performance step drills at very competitive prices. We stock diameters from 4mm to 40.5mm, and both spiral flute and straight flute.

Carbide Burrs – Holemaker carbide burrs have been proven to last, meeting the demanding international industry standards for many years. This complete range of carbide burrs and sets are not only the best quality on the market but are also very competitively priced.

Countersinks – Holemaker offers a range of quality high-speed steel countersinks and sets in both the 3 flute and cross hole styles.

Vee Block & Clamp Set

Industrial Strength Clamps – Ehoma Trademaster®

At ITM, we stock the right clamp for every occasion.

We have over 70 clamps available from 50mm through to 1500mm long with a throat depth of up to 500mm and a maximum clamping force of 2800KGF. These quality clamps are competitively priced, and our attractive display stand enables you to capture and display this range effectively.

The durability and quality of the Ehoma® brand clamps has been proven in the Australian market for over 20 years, and continual innovation of the range adds new designs and styles, making them a strong leader in the marketplace.



Sharpeners – Drill Doctor®, Darex®, Work Sharp® and KEF®

We have an extensive range of sharpeners to cover many different applications.

  • Drill Doctor® – This range covers sharpening drill bits up to 19mm for DIY purposes and small to medium businesses.
  • Darex® –A truly professional series for serious tradesmen or large customers.
  • KEF® – These units allow for drills up to 65mm diameter to be sharpened.
  • Work Sharp® – With the addition of this range in 2008, we will also cater for the woodworking market, offering a quality sharpener for chisels, planer blades, scrapers, axes and much more.



Metal Cutting Saws – Trademaster® Steelmaster ® and MACC®

From the Trademaster friction Bandsaws, Steelmaster portable metal saws using TCT blades, and the huge range of MACC Italian made Coldsaws, Bandsaws, Frictions Saws and T.C.T Saws, ITM offers you a large number of quality metal cutting saws to suit most customers’ requirements.

The bandsaw range we supply starts with a 100mm capacity portable bandsaw, through to our semi-automatic 600 x 440mm unit. These robust machines provide many years of hassle-free cutting. We also carry an extensive range of stands and bandsaw blades to suit.


ITM offers a range of machinery items including:

  • Belt grinders
  • Bench grinders
  • Beveling machines
  • Geared Head Drill Presses
  • Bench Drills
  • Pedestal Drills
  • Fans and Ventilators

Machinery Accessories

We also have a range of accessories and spare parts that are the perfect fit for the machinery we sell including:

  • Vices
  • Drill Chucks
  • Milling and Tapping Heads
  • Coolant Systems
  • Clamping Kits

This is just a selection of the accessories we stock. Speak with us or view our product categories page for a full list of accessories we supply.


Air Tools – M7 and NPK

ITM proudly distributes the entire range of M7 industrial air tools. M7 is highly recognised worldwide as a leader in the industrial air tool market. Over the past 20 years, M7 has built a distinctive reputation for developing high performance innovate tools which are smaller, lighter, quieter yet more powerful than alternative products on the market.

M7 offers the perfect combination of range, price, quality and presentation, giving you and your customers the best product at the best price. The very extensive range of M7 industrial air tools also includes impact sockets, blow guns, oils and accessories.

With the addition of NPK® heavy duty industrial air tools and chain hoists,  Star® spray guns, THB® airline couplers and manifolds, and airline hoses, we are able to supply all of your air tool requirements.


Welding Carriages and Bevelling Machines – Trademaster

The Trademaster brand of welding carriage machines and bevelling machines are premium high-quality European made products. The welding carriage range includes entry level machines for MIG/MAG welding, higher end programmable machines, and a machine for gas welding.
The bevelling machines range includes portable mandrels, and stationary automatic machines for bevelling steel pipe from diameters 32mm – 1000mm, plus manual and automatic feed plate bevellers.

Workshop Storage – Trademaster

The Trademaster range of workshop storage products is very comprehensive. The range includes heavy duty metal parts cabinet with ABS plastic drawers, workshop shelving, plastic parts bins and tool carts.

Engineers Tools & Measuring Equipment– Groz

ITM are sole Australian agents for the world famous Groz brand of engineering tools and measuring equipment. The range includes toolmakers set up tools, marking tools, precision measuring tools such as vernier, calipers and dial gauges, machine tool accessories, machine vises, drill press vises, bench vises, punches, chisels and bolsters plus much more.

Experience that Counts

Along with the extensive range of quality tools and machinery that we are proud to supply to our customers, ITM also offers:

A wide selection of spare parts – For all tools, machinery and equipment we stock, we also have the spare parts available to suit them. If you are in need of spare parts for a particular industrial item, speak to our staff and we are likely to have it in stock or we can order it in for you.
Experienced technical support – Our capable and highly experienced staff can provide technical support for any product we supply when needed. Please call or visit us if you encounter any technical problems with any tools and machinery we supply, and we will rectify the problem for you.
Knowledgeable sales staff – Every member of our team holds extensive knowledge about all products we supply. If you would like more in-depth knowledge about the tools, machinery and equipment we stock, just speak with a member of our staff to get the information you require.


We strive to excel in all of these areas to ensure that we provide an after sales service that you can rely upon.